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  1. The answer lies in a fickle reality: Interpretation. It seems Airbnb’s new logo was deemed ‘naughty’ by some critics and avid Twitter users who felt the new logo was similar in design to various parts of the human anatomy. Airbnb is now the subject of Twitter criticisms designed to humiliate and mock Airbnb’s attempt at a creative new look.
  2. Oct 26,  · None of us expect a life where we will never be offended or sheltered from conflict or hurt feelings. However, many self-appointed saviors are trying to make this a reality, through aggressive speech codes, legal rulings and corporate policies. Political Correctness (PC) originally flowered in academia and spread like a virus through the government and corporate worlds.
  3. Apr 1, - Explore George Wolfe's board "Liberals are IDIOTS", followed by people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Liberals are idiots, Politics, Idiots pins.
  4. Jul 04,  · Silly Riddles For Kids. A bit wacky, a bit silly, but always funny! Which bank never has money? A. The riverbank. What cup cannot hold water? A. A cupcake. What is an astronaut’s favorite meal? A. A launch. What has orange, red, green, blue, brown, purple, black, and white in it? A. A box of crayons! When is homework Missing: Backlash.
  5. Baby Looney Toons: Born to Sing Too is another entertaining collection of 20 parodies of nursery rhymes as sung by the Baby Looney Tunes. There's a gleefully silly spirit to the collection -- the lyrics are goofy, but they're also clever and very funny.
  6. Mogoeng’s rationale is silly”, August 2).Dawjee simplistically states that Israel is the oppressor and Palestinians are the oppressed, and that Israel indulges in ethnic cleansing. While the latter is demonstrably untrue, there are many who would say decades of terrorist attacks on Israeli civilians are more an example of oppression than.
  7. Nov 20,  · The White House press secretary has backed down from her claim that Obama administration officials left behind notes for Trump staffers saying “You .
  8. Oh, wait, silly me. Cartoons of the Day: August 18, View Slide Show. News & Events. Death Valley Heat. View Slide Show. Senator Kamala Harris told multiple lies. To wit.

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