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  1. Pre-order version on purple marbled vinyl. Limited to copies. Recorded, mixed and mastered at Bergerk Studios in February Run out area etchings state the catalogue number as DEEP SIX #76 but spine states DEEP SIX RECORDS #77, which is the catalog number of the CD version.
  2. about. For his sixth album as Pictureplane, Travis Egedy owns the identity that's been his to claim all along: Degenerate. Via music, painting, fashion, and DIY events that combine all three, he's spent a decade investigating the esoteric, embracing the paranormal, and otherwise riding for the lunatic fringe. Now, Degenerate finds our anti-hero standing tall on the periphery of polite society, addressing his .
  3. Electronic. Experimental. Techno. Hate begets hate. BE the change you want to see in the world. We dig techno, DIY, upcycling, Cassette Culture, free expression & tape trading. (Trades welcome!). WE DONT DISCRIMINATE BASED ON FORMAT. ;P This label is owned by Mrs Dink.
  4. Many heterodimeric ATP-binding cassette (ABC) exporters evolved asymmetric ATP-binding sites containing a degenerate site incapable of ATP hydrolysis due to noncanonical substitutions in .
  5. degenerate definition: 1. to become worse in quality: 2. having low standards of behaviour: 3. someone with low. Learn more.
  6. Degenerate matter is a highly dense state of fermionic matter in which particles must occupy high states of kinetic energy to satisfy the Pauli exclusion principle. The description applies to matter composed of electrons, protons, neutrons or other fermions.
  7. Type: Split Release date: October 10th, Catalog ID: N/A Label: NoVisible Scars Format: Cassette Limitation: 50 copies Reviews: None yet.
  8. In mathematics, a degenerate case is a limiting case of a class of objects which appears to be qualitatively different from (and usually simpler to) the rest of the class, and the term degeneracy is the condition of being a degenerate case. The definitions of many classes of composite or structured objects often implicitly include inequalities. For example, the angles and the side lengths of a triangle .

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