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  1. Ghosts on Magnetic Tape (Reconstruction) v Limited to , of which came in a different cover, with inserts that were hand numbered and signed and come with a unique photograph. Re-issued in in a thick cardboard gatefold sleeve as a double CD including the original album and the remix album.
  2. D Ghosts On Magnetic Tape Out-take A 5 part suite of dark organic textural music, intricately manipulated recordings of acoustic instruments and BC trademark ghostly crackle of old vinyl records.
  3. Bass Communion - Ghosts on Magnetic Tape (A Liles Reconstruction) () [LS] Your remix of Bass Communion's Ghosts on Magnetic Tape album added a weight to an album already thematically loaded with tension and apprehension. How did these remixes come about and what about the original drew you to the task of working with that material?
  4. 1. Ghosts on Magnetic Tape I () 2. Ghosts on Magnetic Tape II () 3. Ghosts on Magnetic Tape III () 4. Ghosts on Magnetic Tape IV () 5. Ghosts on Magnetic Tape V () The fourth Bass Communion album, created primarily from processing 78rpm records and piano sources.
  5. B1 Ghosts On Magnetic Tape III B2 Ghosts On Magnetic Tape IV C Ghosts On Magnetic Tape V D Ghosts On Magnetic Tape Out-Take Also bought. TFLP (Red) Artist: Various Artists Format: vinyl. £ Still Life. Artist: Opeth Format: vinyl. £
  6. Ghosts On Magnetic Tape, in its attempts to conjure the atmosphere of communicating with the dead, places one psychologically in a dusty corner of the mind which is both unsettling and soothing, like being in the presence of death and yet absolutely comfortable, without terror.5/5(5).
  7. Ghosts and Electrical Fields - Electrical fields may cause a large number of ghost sightings. Because of the way the solar wind interacts with the Earth's magnetosphere, the planet's magnetic field stretches out on the side that's in darkness. Some researchers hypothesize that this expanded field interacts more strongly with people's brains.
  8. by Bass Communion:: 5 tracks: 'Ghosts on Magnetic Tape I'; 'Ghosts on Magnetic Tape II'; 'Ghosts on Magnetic Tape III'; 'Ghosts on Magnetic Tape IV'; 'Ghosts on Magnetic Tape V' Back to Ambience for the Masses. This album is featured on the following Artist pages: Bass Communion; It has been categorized into the following Sound pages.
  9. For me, Ghosts on Magnetic Tape is a very conflicting album within the Bass Communion discog. On the one hand, it is a fantastic dark ambient record that Wilson finely crafted to sound like you were just teleported to a dilapidated and abandoned mental institution.

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