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  1. You found a way to apply love to the situation, your love frequency was supported, you did not falter, and in that moment, you made the world a better place. Admittedly, this is a minor incident to practice applying love, but the same applies to circumstances of enormous conflict, or anything that might disrupt your love vibration.
  2. You simply play any records you like on the turntable, pop a CD-R into the drive, and record an entire album or create a customized CD. The second option entails a USB DJ turntable. It transforms analog records into a digital format that you can save to your computer as an mp3.
  3. David Hampton on Sweeping Promises – Hunger for a Way Out // Limited to Black Vinyl LPs Nice, man! Glad you got one. Gilles on Sweeping Promises – Hunger for a Way Out // Limited to Black Vinyl LPs insta buy. thanx; David Hampton on Narla – Till The Weather Changes // Limited to Black Vinyl 2LPs The owner of Copper Feast.
  4. If the whole of David Bowie's Let's Dance had sounded like this, there could have been few complaints. A high-energy, effervescent rocker, it epitomizes all that was good about Bowie's reinvention as a willing superstar -- the speed with which so many of the production techniques began sounding dated, contrarily, merely highlights the flaws inherent in the reinvention itself.
  5. Rhythm of Love World Tour () Anita Live! () The Rhythm of Love Tour was a music concert tour by American recording artist Anita Baker in –, and supports her multi-platinum selling album, Rhythm of Love. The trek started on December 14, in New Orleans, visiting several cities in North America and Europe, the tour ended in.
  6. Dec 18,  · Much like Miles on Columbia or Coltrane on Impulse!, Ornette Coleman on Atlantic is one of the great artist/label alliances in jazz. This LP box assembles the .
  7. Tower of Power, the most dynamic and distinctive band of survivors in soul music, roars into its 50th anniversary with a dynamic new LP of all new material.A labor of love, definitively titled Soul Side of Town, it's charged with 14 filler-free songs, primarily composed by the hit-making team of founding members Emilio Castillo and Stephen Doc Kupka who also hold down the world famous five-man.
  8. I am not sure whether I like your kind better than hatred. Oh, Orual—to take my love for you, because you know it goes down to my very roots and cannot be diminished by any other newer love, and then to make of it a tool, a weapon, a thing of policy and mastery, an instrument of torture—I begin to think I never knew you.

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