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  1. ALIEN SNATCH! Mailorder Vaults, These are the records we have in stock, the most titles in small amounts for fans and music lovers. We reply fast & we try to update the website often to avoid listing too many sold out titles.
  2. Vageenas - When Music Hurts Valet - Naked Acid (Kranky, ) Vineland Vineland Archetype B_W Unfriendly Vineland Obsidian B_W Thicket Vivian Girls Vivian Girls Vivian Girls E.P_ Vivian Girls Vivian Girls EP Whip - Freelance Liaison B_W Sheep & Goat Judge Whipping Boy Whipping Boy Whipping Boy - B Sides Of Singles & Live Acts [].
  3. MDC (Millions of dead cops), die unverwüstliche amerikanische Polit-Hardcore-Punk-Institution mit dem nächsten Rundumschlag auf 7-Zoll. Nach der Split-EP mit Iron.
  4. - BLACKMAIL veröffentlichen "Best Of + Rare Tracks" Doppel-LP sowie Vinyl-Reissues - BONSAI KITTEN - Love and let die - The Bombpops - Death In Venice Beach.
  5. released 3/96 INC VAGEENAS * HERE ARE THE VAGEENAS, pict" germany's fuckin' best punkrock-stunt w/ outrageous female singer punches six pogo-blasts in your face. this killer is pressed on a great 4-colour-picture-disc.
  6. German punk rock label founded and operated by Barny Trouble from to and since in Stuttgart and from to in Berlin. Responsible for releasing the " x Up & Down" series, a series of 7" records released in a limited pressing of , and the Incognito's 10th Anniversary Series, a series of four 7" records limited to copies each.
  7. The gig was terrific, with red-hot sets from the Vageenas, Berlin Blackout and Toxoplasma, and a dazzling performance as the FrankenSkin by Chelsea Dom (GI). There were only a few small downers: 1) Wattsie getting her revenge on Gal for blog-related ‘crimes’ by cruelly and deliberately saddling him with a fridge freezer who spoke no English.
  8. "Penises," Trunks repeated. "Goten said girls have vaginas." Only vaginas sounded like vageenas. Vegeta couldn't believe how much his son's mispronunciation of the female anatomical part sounded so much like his own name. It was mortifying. He chopped a hand through the air and said, "It's pronounced, 'vuh-jai-nuh', son.
  9. VAGEENAS we are the vageenas EP (5-song) Plastic Bomb pb 6x insert,#d/ GER pure wild pogo punk $ VAGINALMASSAKER / REST IN PAIN, sex & gewalt EP (6-songs) Private rsr f/o ps GER ultrabrutal grind hell $ 3 WALKING ABORTIONS handy pandy tony tandy EP Incognito inc insert, made UK melodic raw punk $ 4.

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